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The MALICE Pack Version 3 is the same as the Version 2 but the zippered pocket on the left side of the pack is replaced by a 7" x 18" x 4" hydration pocket and a non-removable sleeping bag compartment has been added to the bottom of the pack with three cinch straps. Main Compartment Capacity: 3276 cu. in. Total Capacity: 6474 cu. in.

The taller, narrower commercial pack afforded a more optimal load center of mass placement on the body compared to the ALICE. Although the internal frame COTS pack was rejected as a replacement for the ALICE pack due, in part, to its excessive heat retention, a similar volume configuration was incorporated into the design of the Modular ...

The pack has a main compartment with a drawcord closure with an interior pouch to hold maps and 6 external pockets with 3 larger ones and 3 smaller ones in a row above them. The Alice Pack has a 32 liter capacity. Tie-down cords and metallic buckles outside the pack can be used to reduce the profile of the Pack.

1 day trip or hike: look for something in the 40 liters range (or 2500 cubic inches) 1 or 2 night trip or outing (and packing light): a pack in the 50 liter range (or 3,000 cubic inches) Those who need more space (everything but the kitchen sink), look for a larger pack with a volume of 65 to 70 liters (or more than 4,000 cubic inches).

approximately 62 liters. Large ALICE Packs The large size of ALICE pack measures 22 x 6 x 14 inches for the main pouch and has six external pouches in all, which total to about 3,800 cubic inches or approximately 62 liters.

Many hikers prefer using this capacity for a backpack because it allows you to take more such as a larger first-aid kit, food for as much as 10 days, and extra cookware such as an extra pot or a frying pan. 70-80 Liters. If you take a pack this size, this means that being prepared for your adventure is a top priority.

A heavy-duty, well-made pack that you can pick up for $30 to $50 (used in good shape) complete with frame, hip belt and shoulder straps. Lots of attachment points. Good size for a weekend trip. The large ALICE pack is better for a week-long trip, has six (6) pockets and a much bigger main bag.

ALICE pack is one of the most rugged military backpacks ever made. It's made out of water-resistant nylon that will stay dry and hold up to rough use. This thing is built to last. (some people report selling their packs on Ebay after 10+ years rough use .) Alice Pack with a Frame - Original U.S.G.I. Check Price On Amazon.

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From the belt there are a wide variety of ALICE pack add ons that can make the pack a customized design. One common element is the suspender system, to which other pieces can be added. Other than accessories like small compartments that can be clipped onto the belt and suspenders, there is a pack frame that can be attached with the ALICE pack ...

Capacity. Large ALICE: Main compartment 2,075 cubic inches. Total of 2,412 cubic inches counting all of the external pouches. MOLLE II: Main compartment is around 4,000 cubic inches. Add two sustainment pouches with a capacity of 432 cubic inches each, for a total of around 4,864 cubic inches.

Backpacks: Medium ALICE Pack Overview. The medium ALICE pack is perfect for either a first backpack or for experienced campers and backpackers. ALICE is an acronym for "All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment" and was adopted by the United States Army in 1973. ALICE was slowly phased out in the early 2000's in favor of MOLLE.

For this particular example of the small pack, it has a capacity of about 1,400 cubic inches or approximately 24 liters. This is a basic version of an ALICE pack, with the classic design of one large main compartment and three smaller exterior pouches. The small packs have non-removable adjustable shoulder straps and do not include a waist belt.