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english name / original name: type: date: insignia: info: Saudi Arabian National Guard الحرس الوطني / al-Ḥaras al-Waṭanī‎ Saudi Arabian National Guard uniforms

Uniforms, Ranks, and Insignia. Uniforms worn by personnel of Saudi Arabia's armed services, including the national guard, were closely patterned on the British and United States models that ...

Royal Saudi Air Defense. Royal Saudi Strategic Missile Force. Royal Saudi Arabian Armed Forces. Royal Saudi Land Forces Insignia. Royal Saudi Navy. Saudi Naval Military Police. Facilities Security Forces. King Fahd Security College Patch. Saudi Arabia National Guard Patch.

Police Functions and Organization in Saudi Arabia. The police of Saudi Arabia are described in terms of their organization and training, with emphasis on the relationship between these factors and the administrative, judicial, and social functions of law enforcement. The police system has been highly centralized since its establishment in 1924.

The uniform: As I stated before, many middle eastern countries used the same patterns of camouflage, which leads to a lot of combinations of patches, ranks, manufacturing quality, etc. Saudi Arabia has the best funded defense force in the Middle East, which means they supply their soldiers with equipment imported from many different countries.

Which Police Forces Operate In Saudi Arabia? There are a number of police or security forces in operation. Traffic Police (Black Uniforms, Berets and Patrol Cars in 2016) Plain Clothed Police (Thobe, Headgear Shamagh and Black GMC Suburban; National Guard (Black Uniform and HeadGear Shamagh)

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