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Doodle art and bullet journals go hand in hand. Both are such huge subjects, and I can only scratch the surface. However, I have gathered together some amazing ideas to give you a place to start. Discover 25 easy doodle art drawing ideas for your bullet journal. Also, learn how to draw the perfect doodle with a few different tips.

Having Bullet Journaling as a hobby can make you want to attempt drawing, and this is a list of bullet journal drawings that you can add to your bujo. Bujo doodles are so fun and easy to do that even if you are a beginner, it will inspire you to add a few of them in your journal. Also, in order to create very cool bullet journal doodles you can have very minimal skill required, …

Simple and Easy Doodles You Can Easily Draw in Your Bullet Journal 1. 3-Step Doodles. These are random designs, but… three steps only… and you already have a drawing! From The Petite Planner. 2. Fruits ... Take the fun from the movie house in your BuJo with these simple drawings.

Step 6. Using long horizontal lines add shadows to the bottom of the bullet. Add some glare as in our example. In this lesson we showed you how to draw a bullet. By tradition, at the end of the tutorial we will give a few tips. You need to give a "metal shine" to your bullet drawing. For this use light and short horizontal lines.

One of the things we love most about Bullet Journals is that not only do they help you organize your whole life but with a simple bullet journal doodle you can express your creativity however you like.. Whether you try art journal doodles or prefer easy doodle ideas, there are step-by-step doodle tutorials and inspiration for all levels of talent… even if you think you …

Credit: ginger.bullet.journal. How to Draw Lavender. Lavender is an an easy plant to draw. I love how the artist has included a variety of lavender doodles you can add to your spread. Credit: haystudytime. Christmas Doodles. These Christmas doodles are the cutest. This page includes a gingerbread man/woman, Santa Claus, presents, hot drinks ...

Bullet drawing - step 2. 2. Draw a line extended from each of the lower corners of the triangle. Then, connect them with a curved line. This forms the upper portion of the case or casing. Bullet drawing - step 3. 3. Draw a long, curved line around the bottom of the casing, attaching on each side just above the lower corners.

7 Bullet Drawing Tutorial – How to Draw a Bullet – Step 7 . Bullets are used all the time in various art contexts from album covers to graphic designs, gaming designs, T-shirt designs, Anime, graphic novels, book covers, and film artworks to name just a few.