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B4C is the most ideal material for making body armor and bulletproof armors, for its light weight, good hardhess and high corrosion resistance. Types and Sizes: Ceramic Ballistic Titles can be made into different sharps, such as hexagon, square, round, and so on. Thickness is available from 4mm to 18mm.

Boron carbide bullet-proof plates. Products Mode: Boron carbide/B4C bulletproof plate. Pressureless sintering method is applied to make boron carbide bulletproof plates and the boron carbide bulletproof plate is characterized with the light weight compared to the alumina ceramic bulletproof plate in a shape of a hexagon. Add to Basket. Inquire ...

Boron Carbide Bulletproof Plate Description. Boron carbide, B4C, is an extremely hard ceramic material discovered in 1899. It is the third hardest material known, after diamond and cubic boron nitride. The Mohs hardness of this boron carbide ceramic is about 9.49 and it was applied widely in industries as wearing resistant material, abrasive.

Wholesale plate ballistic armor high quality b4c boron carbide for bulletproof vest. Ready to Ship. $60.00 / Piece. ... Light Weight B4C Bullet Proof Plate Level 4 Ceramic Armor Bulletproof Plate Boron Carbide Ballistic Plate. $190.00-$200.00 / Piece. ... About products and suppliers:

30. 20. 300*250. Thickness. 5-20mm. 6-10mm. Notes. Products can be produced according to customers' demands of particular sizes. Our company also produces all kinds of alumina ceramic products, such as saggers, dehydration elements, setter plates of 99% alumina ceramics, and alumina ceramic grinding medias, etc.

Boron Carbide, or B4C, is one of the hardest material discovered in 1899. Boron carbide is smelted from boric acid and powdered carbon in electric furnace under high temperature. Depending on hardness of 4950kgf/mm2, It is even harder than diamond and cubic boron nitride. Because of their high strength, low density, corrosion resistant, high ...