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When Jimmy Fallon handed the actress Shailene Woodley a mug of coffee blended with butter on "The Tonight Show" in October, she didnt recoil. Instead she raved to the audience about the cup of saturated fat:"It will change your life!""Its the most delicious.

Touted by celebrities from Ed Sheeran to Shailene Woodley, the latest trend in coffee has you adding a strange ingredient to your morning cup of joe: butter. Bulletproof Coffee, created by biohacker and tech entrepreneur Dave Asprey, promises that by changing up your coffee you can feel focused and energetic all day.

Photo by Stefanie Gans. Instead, add butter and oil for on-trend bulletproof coffee. —Stefanie Gans Ever since I read about Shailene Woodley's adoration for bulletproof coffee in Food & Wine, I started investigating this concoction of coffee, butter and coconut oil.A few of my food writer friends heard of it, but none were converts.

Shailene Woodley. If you know anything about bulletproof coffee, you know that Dave Asprey created it after a profound trip to Tibet. Afterward, he developed the beverage and a whole diet centered around high-fat and low-carb foods. One celeb who has gone all-in on the Bulletproof Diet is Shailene Woodley.

I've been fascinated with Bulletproof Coffee for a few years, ever since I heard Shailene Woodley rave about it in Bon Appetit.It's a mixture of coffee, grass-fed butter, and oil—typically coconut oil (don't tell that Harvard professor!), sometimes MCT, sometimes both—blended until creamy.The idea is that this oily brew will give you energy, fewer hunger …