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CUSTOM BADGES. Create your own personalized Smith & Warren or Blackinton badge by using the innovative, no-risk Build It. See It. Buy It. method. A number of badge styles, colors, and designs are available right at your fingertips.

Bulletproof vests are modern light armour mainly designed to protect the wearers vital organs from injury caused by firearm projectiles. Too many protective armour manufacturers and wearers feel that the term "bulletproof vest" is a misnomer.

Each bulletproof panel is custom crafted to order. The products are pre-made because ALL anti-ballistic materials, purchased from us or any other company, has an industry standard life of only 5 years. We will not further shorten its longevity by stocking it on our shelves.

Bulletproof K-9 Vests Talos Ballistics is committed to providing the latest in NIJ IIIA bulletproof clothing, bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof inserts and panels, bulletproof vest, covert body armor, tactical gear and custom NIJ IIIA bulletproof solutions for people and animals in need of unfaltering personal protection.

Here at Bullet Proof ME you will find a wide range of body armor and information to put the odds in YOUR favor. For police, security, military, and law-abiding civilians, we are light on marketing glitz, but heavy on what you need to know about ballistic protection and 'bullet-proof' vests. For in-depth information, just keep reading, or click ...

SAMSON DEFENSE Provides a wide variety of Bullet proof vests from a standard Front and back or full wrap Bullet proof vests. As opposed to Bullet Proof Vests that have set NIJ armor protection levels due to their built-in armor plates or ballistic panels Plate Carriers allow the wearer to choose the level of protection they want via armor plates pockets that can fit a variety of Ballistic Body.

custom fit load bearing vests product gallery - each vest was made to the officer's exact specifications and pocket layout BlueStone Safety Reviews "As the senior merchandise buyer for the National Rifle Association's online store and catalog (NRAstore™), I am writing to …

Kejo Limited Company is Registered as a supplier to the US Government and Law enforcement agencies . Our ever expanding range of products assist all law enforcement agencies, and military personnel in their ever increasing fight against Crime and world terrorism .

All sales of custom 'made to order' items are final. These products include all tactical and ballistic vests, hard armor plates, ballistic and tactical helmets, plate carriers, ballistic shields, EOD and demining equipment, gloves, coveralls and jumpsuits along with any other products that Sarkar Tactical has to make to the customers ...

The quality of bulletproof vests is just as essential as with any other product you would want to purchase. As mentioned earlier, a bulletproof vest is a significant investment, and you need a durable product when you pay for one. Obviously, quality and durable bulletproof vests will have a price tag that is on the higher end.

A brand new ballistic material made by DuPont in the USA to further protect the wearer. Kevlar® XP™ technology for Soft Body Armor features a patented woven fabric technology that helps enable vests to weigh at least 10% less than those made with other commercially available technologies, while still being made of Kevlar® material.

Genuine Leather XS1367 Men's Black Replica Bulletproof Style Tactical Street Leather Vest. Leatherupcom. 4.5 out of 5 stars. (171) $29.95 FREE shipping.

Below is a size guide that will help when selecting the right size of bullet proof vest for you. The protective panels in a bullet proof vest become wider as the size increases. They are designed in the same way as regular clothing, for example a large T-Shirt would fit in the same way as a large bullet proof vest. With body armor it is better ...

Exporting Level IV armor plates requires a U.S. State Department export permit. Some countries may require a Department of Commerce export license Body Armor. It is the SOLE responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all transactions conform to US and local Federal, State and Local Statutes, Codes, and Ordinances.

2 PCS 4"Wide,1"Height Embroidery Custom Hook and Loop Name Patch, Tactical Rank Patch, Military Tape Tags for Jackets, Work Shirts, Vest, Bags (White Border,Black Fabric) 4.7 out of …

The custom made bulletproof glass that is optically advanced, highly resistant, and transparent, ... What is ballistic steel? Ballistic steel is also known as armor or protection steel. This is made of hardened martensitic steel that is used to protect against external threats..... Armormax Team Jun 15 ... Is bulletproof glass legal to install?

For police dogs, the daily job has become safer thanks to custom-made bulletproof vests that, in many cases, are provided through organisations and private funding efforts. There are several K-9 dogs that are wearing these vests to demonstrate their versatility and life-saving capabilities.

Not only does graphene armor weigh less, but mobility and flexibility are not compromised. CITIZEN ARMOR HAS A BETTER FIT. Because our soft body armor has unparalleled flexibility and is specifically made to conform to the contours of human anatomy we offer a very popular Body Armor solution that is custom made to fit like no other armor.

About Us. Established in 1974 by William Blankenship, BPS Tactical is a company based upon manufacturing Law Enforcement products with an emphasis on quality and custom manufacturing of Tactical Equipment and Nylon Duty Gear. All of our products are strongly sewn with only the finest quality American made materials for maximum wear.

We are one of the leading suppliers of Ballistics, Stab-resistance and Concealable Armor solutions. U.S.A made light weight NIJ Level4 Armor Piercing Rifle plates, trauma plates, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields, tactical equipment, apparel & accessories for the law enforcement agencies, Military, Army, NAVY, Police, Border Patrol & Immigration Officers, Marines, Air Force, Defense and ...

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The ballistic vest system consists of the following individual components: Vest cover with inserts SK 1+ in front, back, shoulder and upper arm. Groin protection SK 1+, removable and flip-up. Battle belt SK 1+, removable. Neck protection SK 1+, two-part and Velcro-type fastening.

Welcome to Simple and Easy Ordering Custom Vest For You You order it and we make it for you for sure Vests are made to order overseas Please allow (5-7) Weeks for Delivery Please double check your sizing before you buy. All custom vests are handmade. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed on custom items. Double check your size before ordering.